Sunday, 13 September 2015


I was tagged by my fabulous friend, Abiee to do the Love/Hate Tag so thanks ugly! You just have to write about 10 things you love and 10 things you hate and then tag other bloggers.


Music | I love listening to all kinds of music - I like loud music with loads of instruments, especially bass guitar and drums, but I like pretty much all kinds of music.  I love going to gigs, music is so much better live. My favourite bands are Paramore, Don Broco, Pvris and Lower Than Atlantis.
Dogs | Need I say anything? Dogs are the best animals and better than some humans. Every time I see a dog, I need to resist the urge of going and making friends with it. My dog is the best though.
Long journeys | I love long train journeys especially, and even more when I'm on my own.. I can just sit there and listen to my iPod or read and have some down time to myself.
Maltesers  | The best chocolate/snack ever!!! I could live on Maltesers. I like to do that thing where you lie back or put your head back, rest one on your lips then blow it up so it floats in the air and try and catch it in your mouth.. 
Make up | I think I have an addiction to buying make up. I really like to experiment with eye shadows, lip colours and eye liner techniques. You get to find out more about what suits you and what you can do when you spend some time playing around with all your products.
Art | Doing a degree in Fine Art is slowly making me lose the will to live but I do still enjoy it. It frustrates me when people question why I do it and ask me stupid questions like "DRAW A PORTRAIT OF ME" no. I like going to galleries and exhibitions and obviously making my own work. The thought process is the most exciting.
Candles | Something else I'm addicted to buying. You can never have too many candles!! I love different ones and different times of the year, so right now I like musky sort of smells like spiced apple and fig, and a few months ago I was loving lime ones!  I'm currently on the hunt for a pumpkin/caramel/halloween smelling candle so if you know of one, tell me your secrets. 
Game of Thrones | The TV series, not the books.  I just can't read a book the size of 3 bricks so I'm never going to read them.  I love the show so much, me and my boyfriend watched the whole first series in one day, from the minute we woke up until we went to sleep!  It usually takes a good few episodes of something for me to really get into it but after the first one, I was fully hooked.  I'm now completely caught up and have nothing to do with my life until season 6.  I won't talk about the plots or storylines incase anyone hasn't seen it or isn't completely caught up but basically it's loads of boobs and loads of characters dying all the time.  I also really love FRIENDS, Modern Family, Gossip Girl, Orange is the New Black, and Family Guy. 
Going to the cinema | Watching films is another thing I enjoy and even though it's really expensive, watching films at the cinema is the best - nachos and tango ice blasts make it what it is, although I love buying loads of cheap snacks and watching films in bed too.  I recently went to watch Legend and it was brilliant!! My favourite films are The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Wolf of Wall Street, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless and pretty much every Disney film. 
Junk food | I'm the laziest person ever, especially when it comes to food.  I can't be bothered to grill some chicken and steam some asparagus.  I want a pizza and wedges, a Nando's, a KFC and a huge tub of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream.  I do go to the gym so try to tell myself it's not bad but it really is, I'm hoping I will soon get to that stage where I realise I need to care about what I eat but at the minute I really don't, just get me a curry and a glass of wine please.

How expensive everything is | I love having money in my bank account but I also love spending money and buying new things for myself and presents for others, it's bitter sweet.  But so many things are ridiculously priced like public transport, insurance, anything leisurely but most of all, going to university. 
People who cause harm to others | One thing I massively cannot stand is people who go out of their way to make someone else feel shit about themselves, or to physically abuse someone, especially those who are most vulnerable.  I hate people who discriminate and be unnecessarily horrible. Whether it's to people or to animals, it shouldn't be done, you should never call someone out on something even if you really don't like them or what it is they do/have done!! Treat people how you want to be treated. Think about how you would feel in that person's shoes. Everyone has problems so you should think about that before you start being horrible about them or whatever.
Catcalling | It makes me feel sick when dirty old men shout derogatory names at me in the street, I'm just trying to go shopping :(  It's the worst in Leicester where I go to uni, they aren't even subtle about it!  People proper stare at you and one time this man said as I walked past "ooh sexy sexy look at that ass" at first I was really scared like omg this person is going to follow me and be a weirdo but when I just typed that, I laughed out loud. 
Wasps | At the minute, my car has loads of sap on it from the tree it sits underneath so is covered in wasps and loads of flying bugs, I don't want to get stung!!  I hate spiders and those moths the size of pterodactyls, so eventhough this time of year is my favourite, it's the absolute worst for the bugs.
Clowns!!! | Don't even get me started.  I don't mind those clowns you get at like, children's parties or Ronald McDonald, but the ones from horror movies with the white faces and no hair, the ones from like the 1950s who are always in horror films.  I watched this one film called Clown and that was horrifying.
Early mornings | I love my sleep so I hate it when my alarm goes off at 7am. When I'm back at uni in 3 weeks, it will be going off at 6am!!! No thank you!  I wish I was a morning person though, when I was in Majorca, the mornings were so beautiful and I loved it!  But here at home where it's always cold, I don't want to leave m bed.
Sitting in the back of a car | It makes me feel so sick!! I can do it if it's for 10/15 minutes but long journeys are a no go in the back seat of a car. 
Selfishness | I could never put myself first unless I desperately had to for something. My younger sisters come first for me so I would never do something for myself over something for them. Sometimes I know you have to be selfish in order to do something right for yourself or someone else but being a horrible narcissist about it is just not what I'm about. 
Unnecessary shouting | I hate when people shout instead of talking, it's one of my pet peeves, it just stresses me out.  And when people shout on the phone - you don't have to shout, they can hear you! 
How everyone just sits on their phone constantly!! | I've noticed over the past few months when I've been at a train station or even when it's dead at work, everyone is on their phone and not interacting with anyone around them.  I am so guilty of this at times but recently have been trying to abandon my phone when I go out, especially on trips so I can actually take everything in rather than tweeting about being there, what's the point? So many people rely on their phones and I think it's ruining younger generations.

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