Saturday, 22 August 2015

HAUL | Primark & Boots August 2015

So yesterday me and Abiee went shopping in Burton purely to go to Primark..  I got a couple of pieces for Autumn as well as picking up a bit of new make up products from Boots!

I needed some new shirts for work and I came across this style which is one of those shirts that looks like a shirt under a jumper but really it's just one top all together.  This is really comfy and thought it would keep me warmer when it gets colder outside - this was only £10 and it came in loads of different colours and also there were some which are a little bit different to this style but were still, I think, only £10!
 I wanted to get a new basic top but not something too plain so you can still dress it up a bit if you're going shopping or just out for a casual lunch.  This top was only £5!!  It's really fitted so I would size up if you want it a little baggy, it's a ribbed sort of design and reaaally soft so it's definitely worth that whole £5.

Whenever I go to Primark, I always end up buying something pyjama related and when I saw this top, I had to buy it!  It's so cute and again was only £5!  There were matching baby pink bottoms for £8 but I wasn't that keen on them and I do have so many pyjama bottoms already (..I will probably end up going and getting them).
 Finally from Primark, I got these amazing ankle boots for just £13!! They feel like such good quality and have such lovely detailing on them - they have zips down the side which I think adds a little something extra to them, as well as the bottoms being beautiful!  I've been looking for some boots for a while as I'm going to London in a few days and I want to wear some comfy shoes but not trainers and these are just perfect.  I usually have to either size up or buy wide fit shoes because I have the world's fattest feet but these fit perfectly and I will definitely be wearing them so much this Autumn/Winter.

Next up, I picked up some L'oreal make up on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots.  I'd heard a lot of good reviews on the True Match foundation so decided to give it a go.  I bought it in the shade R2 - C2 vanille rose for £9.99, and it is a little bit dark for me so I mix it with a tiny squirt of Rimmel match perfection 010 light porcelain and that seemed to perfectly match my skin tone.  All of the good things I've heard have turned out to be 100% true and I would recommend this to anyone!
 I usually use a felt tip eyeliner by Collection and have done for a few years so when I saw the L'oreal Super Liner, I thought I would give it a go.  The nib is really thin so perfect for getting right up to the lash line and it is jet black and stays on all day - I've had it on since early this morning and it looks no different!  I got this is the shade intense black and it cost £6.99.
 The final L'oreal product I bought is the Colour Riche Matte lipstick in the shade 430 Mon Jules and this cost me £6.99 (..I think, I can't find the link anywhere for it, sorry!).  It's a sort of plum shade, quite purpley and despite it being matte, is really quite moisturising!  These are my first ever L'oreal make up products and I'm really impressed, you definitely get what you pay for and I would recommend all of them!!
 I also picked up the Colgate Max White toothpaste for £6 because I've seen a lot of blog posts on it and I did want to get the Coco White tooth whitening stuff but I had seen mixed reviews on it and I didn't fancy forking out for it.  I've used this twice already and I don't think it's as freshening as an ordinary toothpase but I am already seeing faint differences - my teeth aren't yellow or anything, I just want them to be more white!  I think that a product like this is something you will see results with because you have to use it every day, not like something you could use once or twice then just forget about it if you know what I mean.
Overall I think it was a successful trip!  I didn't get too much from Primark because they still had a lot of summer stuff in there, as did all of the other shops, which is really annoying.  So hopefully in a couple of weeks, there will be loads more jumpers and scarfs around!!

Thanks for reading!

*All photos are my own
*I was not paid or sponsored to write this post