Tuesday, 25 August 2015

MINI LONDON BREAK | London Dungeons, Lush & more!

Me, my boyfriend and two younger sisters did so much exploring on the first day.  We went to see Buckingham Palace, the houses of parliment, the London eye and did a bit of Oxford Street shopping!  I've been to London a couple of times in the past few years so I had already done a lot of sight seeing but I still think it's brilliant.  We explored parts of London that I had never really ventured into much like South Bank where there are loads of edgey food outlets, art galleries and just some cool scenic areas.  At the Hayward art gallery, there is an exhibition on at the minute by Carsten Holler which seems like a lot of fun to go and see and I wish I had!  One of my favourite parts of the day was spending an ungodly amount of money in the Oxford Street Lush store - it's absolutely massive and you can smell it as soon as you get out from the underground (there will be a little haul up soon!).  In the evening we went to the London Dungeons and it was so much fun!  I must admit, I got so scared at some points but overall it was a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend it if you're going to London.  We learned about all sorts of London history, but my favourite story was the Jack the Ripper one.  My sisters, Jorja, 10, and Jasmine, 13, seemed to really enjoy it as well so if you have children and think that it might be too scary then don't be worried!  At the end of the tour, is a free falling drop ride and I think I have been less nervous on rides at Alton Towers!  They make it seem as if you are in the gallows waiting for your imminent death and it honestly felt like it.  You get your photo taken which I had no idea about and had to buy it because it is hilarious.  It was a lot of fun and I would love to go and see it again.  We finished the day with an absolute monster Pizza Express which went down an absolute treat - I had the american hot pizza simply because it's the best one.

To start our second and final day, we had an all you can eat breakfast at the Premier Inn we stayed in, in St Pancras and oh my god it was so good!  So much bacon!  The hotel was really good as well, I booked in advance so managed to save a bit of money and it wasn't too expensive either - right next to the St Pancras and Euston tube and train stations, it's a really good location.  After checking out, we headed to South Kensington to go to the Natural History Museum.  We didn't stay for too long because we were all complaining that our feet were hurting and wishing we had wore crocs, ha!  But what we did see of it, was really cool and really interactive so it seemed to keep the smaller children busy.   The best part was probably the gift shop which was filled with loads of different science-y bits from mineral gems to flavoured chocolate bars.  I think there were more than one gift shop because the one we went in was called 'the earth gift shop.'  While we were in South Kensington, we were going to look for one of the Hummingbird Bakery outlets but we were too exhausted so that's another regret!  I found them on Instagram and have always desperately wanted some of their red velvet cake.  We took a quick trip back to where all the shops are to go to Hamley's where again, I spent too much money.  I let my sisters have so much money each so they decided to put together what they had left to buy some cool little things to play with at home, one being connetic sand and the other some kind of make your own snow..  They interacted with both in the shop and me and my boyfriend also thought that they were really cool!  After this we were pretty much done for the day, we went to a pub for a long lunch while waiting for the train home where I had a posh fish finger sandwich, then shared a brownie pizza dessert with my boyfriend, Josh, and Jasmine while Jorja had the most amazing smelling warm brownie.

Overall, I spent quite a bit of money so if you're planning on going to London, save up!  The tube cost me £24 a day for an adult ticket (£12) and 2 child tickets (£6 each) and these were for zones 1-6.  I would also put comfort first over fashion because my feet were - and still are - hurting so much.  And most of all, plan where you're going to go and what you want to do, make an itinerary of what tube stations and lines you need to go on to get to these places, and allow yourself time to get lost every now and again.  I think me and Josh are going to go back in a few months to do more galleries and things, and I might take my sisters again to go to Madame Tussaud's - another must see!

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