Thursday, 27 August 2015

HAUL | Lush, Oxford Street store

While I was in London, I obviously paid a visit to the Oxford Street Lush store!  It's so huge and smells incredbile.  I bought myself a couple of bath products as well as some bits for my sisters and overall spent £53.  For myself I got one bath bomb, one bubble bar, one bubbleroon and three bath oils, all of which are supposed to be really comforting and relaxing - definitely what I need.

 First up is the yoga bomb bath bomb which cost £3.95.  I am so bad at describing smells!.. It smells like I would definitely fall to sleep in the bath after using this.  'If you long for calm and contemplation, drop this layered bomb in the bath.  As the mesmerising colours unfurl, woody olibanum and ho wood create an atmosphere of deep relaxation.'

The bubblebar I got is called milky bath and cost £3.75.  It has lots of cocoa butter and actual skimmed milk in it!  It's supposed to be really comforting and I can tell from the smell that it will be, it smells like I want to eat it basically, and that's comforting.

Next up is the Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon which cost £3.65.  I've never had a bubbleroon before and I think they're just like bubble bars?  It contains coconut oil and shea butter so I pressume it's going to leave your skin really soft and smooth.  According to the label it smells like chocolate orange - one of my favourite types of chocolate, and it definitely does so that's a massive bonus for me.  This one is also self-preserving and suibtable for vegans.

I knew that the Oxford Street Lush sold tiny little balls of bath oils for only £2 each so I was really exciting when I saw them all on display.  A lot of them are really glittery and I'm not a fan of the mess so I just thought I would try 3 and pick some more up in a few months when I go back, and hopefully there will be cool Halloween/Bonfire night ones!
The first one, below, is the Floating Island Melt which when I first picked up and had a sniff, thought it smelled like white chocolate that you have at Christmas time.. but according to the label it's lemon and sandalwood?!  I just really love the smell of this one, and it's so slippery, I could barely hold it to take a photo!  So I'm hoping it's going to make my bath water nice and oily and leave my skin feeling amazing.

Shark Infested Custard Melt got my attention purely because of the name - sharks are cool and I love custard.  It's packed with lots of nourishing butters so is great if you want your skin feeling revived and soft.  It smells really vanilla-y and again is really slippery to hold.  The little 'shark fin' sticking out the top is so cute as well - and made from melon paper!

 My last product is the Lime Pastille Bath Melt.  Lime scented bath products are one of my favourites, they're so zesty and fresh and great for showers/baths in the morning or after going to the gym.  This bath oil is definitely one for lime lovers, it's a really strong scent made from lime and lemon oils as well as extra virgin coconut oil.  It is supposed to turn the bath water a 'lustrous green' as well, I think it might be one that you will have to clean up afterwards too because it's quite shimmery but it's worth it for the smell!

I do like the moisturisers and things that Lush sell but I think some are way too pricey and I can get something else that I love like Soap & Glory for so much cheaper.  For anyone who is interested, I also bought the Intergalatic bath bomb, 2 Frozen bath bombs, 2 of the Experimenter bath bombs, the Skydancer bath bomb, the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb, the Big Bang bubble bar and the purple Fun, which I got for my sisters.  Jorja used her Frozen bath bomb and it turned the bath water this amazing blue colour which had glitter in and obviously smelled amazing.
If you're in London or planning on going, and you love Lush or have never been, I would definitely suggest going in!  If you get the tube to Oxford Circus, it's easy to find, just follow the smell.

Thanks for reading!

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