Thursday, 3 September 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW | Forever Living

I was lucky enough to try out some of Forever Living's skin care products thanks to Nichola! I used all of the products on one of my many pamper nights and I was so impressed by them all.


I used this instead of the usual Garnier Micellar water and it was just as good!  It, and all of the other products, smell really lovely and fresh - just generally like they will do good for you skin.  It left my face make-up-less and feeling really soft.

Aloe Lotion - £12.23

This product is suibtable for all over the body and I definitely would use this on a daily basis!  It felt so good on my face, it's not thick or watery, it's the perfect texture and works as a moisturiser, toner, conditioner, emollient, skin pH balancer and obviously as a lotion so definitely worth the money!

Forever Aloe Scrub - £13.27

I used this scrub instead of my usual exfoliators and it was amazing! It wasn't like a facial scrub that I've used before - the textured beads sort of disintergrated as you scrub which I really liked.  Again, it left my face feeling fresh and clean, another product I would purchase!

Because I was given quite a few lotions and moisturisers, I applied each one to a different part of my body, and I put this on my forearms.  I tend to be able to tell how hydrating cremes/moisturisers are when I put them on parts of my body where I have tattoos, because they look so much bolder, and this definitley made them more lively! After a few minutes of it sinking into my skin, it felt quite matte which is another characteristic that I love.  I would consider using this on a weekly basis if I had dry, thirsty skin but it is quite pricey for a small bottle which is the only downfall, but as a product it's gorgeous.

Aloe Vera Gelly - £12.23

This thick gel left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft!!  I can't fault this at all and would definitely buy it.  Apparently it's really good to soothe skin irritations and I think it really would - at first it made my arm feeling quite cold which was a really interesting sensation, in the best way.  I can't stop stroking my skin where I applied it!

Another moisturising product with a matte finish which left my skin feeling so silky soft!  This lotion is much thicker than the previous two but doesn't feel heavy at all.  I would use this on a daily basis on my hands and face - before applying make up or when having a make up free day.  If you're someone who loves a good hand cream then I would strongly recommend this lotion.

I think this product is kind of like a toothpaste I'm not sure.. But I just put a tiny bit on my finger and rubbed it on my front teeth, bottom and top (I have a smilie piercing and got it all stuck in it, whoops!).  It really freshened my breath and teeth felt like how they do after I've been brushing them for 2-3 minutes!  I think you could easily get away with just using it how I did, you could pop it in your bag and use it to freshen your mouth throughout the day, and for only £7.03, you get a lot for your money if you use it this way.

Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo - £14.72

Many of the products I used are concentrated so you don't need to use a lot, and when it comes to shampoo, I usually have to use a tonne, but for this one I used a little squirt about as big as a 50p coin and it was more than enough!  It's meant to strengthen hair and nourish your scalp and honestly after one wash, I could feel the difference.  Although it's a bit on the pricey side, you only need to use a tiny amount so I think it's worth the money, especially if you're like me and have really brittle hair.

 Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse - £14.72

Another product that I can't fault - it left my hair feeling so healthy after only using a tiny amount!  I feel like I just keep repeating myself haha.  Basically after using all of the products, they left my hair and skin feeling nourished, and kind of made me feel quite calm.  After trying the Forever Living products, I am considering investing in a few of them that I feel I would use on a day-to-day basis but if you're looking for products on a budget then unfortunately you may have to miss out on these, unless you want to treat yourself.  Overall lovely products and I can't thank Nic enough for letting me try them!  I also had a look through the product books as well and the make up looks really good and affordable, apparently it's been compared to brands like MAC so definitely worth a try.

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*All photos are my own
*I was not paid or sponsored to write this post