Monday, 31 August 2015


 Hiiii, I thought I would start doing monthly favourites at the end of each month because I love reading about what people have been enjoying so I thought I would share what I have been really loving from lipstick to DVD boxsets.

Wrap front jogger trousers - Topshop - £30

I bought these last month but am still loving them, they're really comfy but look really smart!  I first got some monochrome pattern ones and loved them but was quite restricted when it came to which top to wear with them, so black ones were the next obvious choice because they're so versatile.  They come up quite high waisted above my belly button so you can wear crop tops with them.

'70s floral crinkle cami - Topshop - £16

I love this top so much!!  It goes really well with any style and colour of jeans and a denim or a leather jacket, so you can wear it casual or smarten it up a bit.  I find this style of top really flattering which is sometimes difficult because my chest is bigger than my waist so it can be difficult to find tops that play to my advantage if you know what I mean.  I love the crinkle style, it adds a little extra something - and means you don't have to iron it.


 MAC - Chili - £15.50

I hand't worn a red lipstick for ages and this shade is so gorgeous, it's a mixture of orange, red and brown and I think it compliments my skin tone really nicely.  I wear it a lot when I go out on nights out or if my eye make up is a bit boring.  It's a matte finish as well and unlike I find with velvet teddy, this one isn't as drying.  I wear it with a natural collection brownish lip liner and it seems to work!

I've always been a fan of some of the MUA make up in Superdrug, especially the eyeshadow palettes.  I fell in love with the purple and silver shadows in this one and for £4 it is an absolute steal.  The description on the back describes the palette as consisting of "perfect plums and deep metallics" and they definitely do not disappoint.  I have green eyes and never would have thought purple eye shadow would suit me - I only use a small amount so it's quite subtle but still really pretty.

You can see how much I've been using this bottle because it's pretty much empty! I bought it about a month ago so it definitely lasts and is more than worth the money, you can also get small travel bottles for around £1.  I use cleansing wipes to get the bulk of my make up off then go over my whole face with this on cotton pads to make sure it's all off before exfoliating.  It works really well and I prefer it to the thicker, cleansing lotions because I find them too heavy for my skin.

Escada - Turquoise Summer - £35 (when I bought it in Boots) 

I have been wearing this every single day for almost two months now, it's such a sweet fragrance and absolutely perfect for summer!  I need to find something a bit more musky for the colder seasons so if anyone knows of any then let me know!!  I love the bottle of this perfume as well, it kind of explains the scent, it's just really lovely.


Don Broco are one of my all time favourite bands so naturally when their new album was released a few weeks ago, I've had it on repeat since.  I've been to see them a couple of times and recently saw them perform - and met them!!! - in Birmingham and it was incredible!  Small gigs are so much better than arenas/festivals; I love all kinds of live music but the smaller ones are just so much more intimate and sweaty, mmm.  If you've never heard of them or haven't listened to this album then you definitely should, I can't get enough.


Game of Thrones (seasons 1-4 on DVD (£42.99), season 5 on Amazon Instant (£17.99 est.))

For literally the past two years I've been asked constantly whether I watch Game of Thrones and I could never be bothered to try and catch up, but while me and Josh were on holiday, he read the first book and convinced me to go halves on the box set.  After the first episode, I couldn't stop watching it! So much happens and it's so brilliant!!!  After we finished watching the first four seasons in around two and a half weeks, we watched the fifth on Amazon Instant Video and now I don't know what to do with myself.  If you don't watch it or don't think it's for you, give it a try (if you're old enough, it's all about killing and tits).  I honestly love it so much, Tyrion and Daenerys are my favourite characters but I don't want to get too attatched because everyone dies.

I don't really have a favourite film this month because I've not had time to watch any, all of my time has been dedicated to GoT!  We did go and watch Sinister 2 though and it was really good so I'd recommend that if you're a fan of horrors/thrillers and have seen the first one!

I'm already really excited for the next few months and for what my favourites might be, I love Autumn and Winter so I'm just looking forward to the colours and the over sized jumpers!  September is a really busy month for me: my driving test is coming up, I'm going to Centre Parcs, getting half of my sleeve finished, and starting my third year of uni!!  All very exciting/nerve-racking.

Thanks for reading!

*All photos are my own
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