Sunday, 20 September 2015

SKIN CARE | favourite products, daily routines

I thought I would share with you what I use on a daily basis in the morning and evening for my skin.  I have oily to combination skin and can be prone to getting spots, especially if I skip out on any of these products!  All of the products listed, I've used for ages and have had the current ones for months because they all last so long and do the perfect job.


I alternate between these two scrubs, they are both just as good as each other - deep cleansing and leave my skin feeling really fresh and clear it up so well!  The St Ives scrub comes in a few other types, this one is the 'fresh skin' scrub but I also use the 'blemish fighting' scrub when I break out but I have used it all up - and as you can see, have almost drained these ones too.


You can tell from all of these products how much I use them because they're all basically empty!!  I love using this for taking make up off.  If I wear a lot of make up, for example on a night out or to a meal, I will use face wipes to take off the bulk amount then this to make sure it's all off.  I used to be relluctant to use this on my eyes because I hate getting anything in my eyes but to be honest, you don't even notice!  It's so nice and makes me feel so clean before I've even washed my face.  You get a lot for your money, I think this bottle lasted me about 3 months, and I've just bought a mini travel one for £1.00 from Asda because it's just handy to have.  It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or oily so is perfect for any skin type, and definitely works well with mine.


Quick Fix face masks are the best! They do such a vast variety that you can easily find the perfect one for your skin type, and they do different kinds of face masks like mud masks, peel masks and self heating ones.  I use one a week, usually the mud mask but if I can't be bothered then the peel one because it's so much less hassle to take off.  You can get a decent amount out of each bottle, it claims 10 per bottle so having one face mask a week means one bottle lasts over 2 months! Definitely worth the money.  I want to try some Lush face masks but because they only last a week, I don't see the point. 


I love both of these moisturisers!  Garnier is such a good brand for me and my skin!  I use the Moisture Matte moisturiser in the daytime; it's mattifying but not drying, it hydrates my skin and makes me feel more awake in the mornings.  I use the Night Care moisturiser after I've exfoliated and it makes my skin look a lot more glowly and healthier - I can only use this when my skin is really good though, I find it can clog my pores up and cause break outs sometimes but I think that's just because of my skin type..  It would be great for those of you with dry skin.  Garnier have a really good collection of different moisturisers for all skin types so if you're looking for a new, decent moisturiser then I would definitely try one out.


This stuff is a life saver!! Definitely one of my holy grail products.  There are two ends - one for the day time, and one for over night.  The thicker one (over night) is what I mainly use, if I feel a break out coming on then I will apply this to the blemish and come the morning, it's completely gone.  It works really well on spots that have already come through as well.  I do use the lighter (day time) one occasionally too, especially if I have make up free days, it dries too so you can wear it underneath make up once it has worked it's way into your skin.

I almost always buy my skin care products from Boots and at the minute they have a 3 for 2 offer on skin care so you can get a lot of good stuff for your money - everything I've mentioned!!  I do think it is important to have some sort of routine with skin care because taking care of your skin is important and if you don't, you will soon regret it.

 Do you have any holy grail skin care products?

Thanks for reading!

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