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I watched Jaclyn Hill's Fall Tag on YouTube the other day and thought it was such a good tag!!  As I've mentioned in pretty much every post, I love Autumn, it's my favourite season so naturally I instantly wanted to do this tag, and since September 1st came around, I've been all about the oversized jumpers and hot chocolates (eventhough it's not even been that cold yet).  I know there are a lot of Autumn/Fall tags out there but this is the most recent one I've seen.


I love this candle!! It's one I just found lying around the house after trying to find a pumpkin scented candle for ages, pining over the Bath & Body Works autumn collection.  It smells incredible.  It's called pumpkin spice by Old Williamsburgh Candle, and it smells just like the title suggests - a spicy pumpkin.  If this is what pumpkin pie tastes like, I need to experience it ASAP.


MAC Chili and L'oreal matte Mon Jules are perfect for me.  I don't tend to go for the stereotypical dark colours because they wash me out so bad.  I definitely prefer the deep orangey/reds and dark pinks.


I am not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte like everyone else!  I definitely prefer the winter seasonal drinks!! But like I said, as soon as September 1st comes around, I drink hot chocolates like the world is running out of it.  I love the Options belgian hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, whipped cream and Cadbury's flake.  I suppose the salted caramel flavour is more Autumnal, so that would be my seasonal favourite.


At first, I literally had no idea what to put here!  But I definitely prefer a matte finish to my make up in the colder months because I feel like the highlighter and dewey foundation look is so Summery so I'm not about that for Autumn or Winter.  I love the finish of the cheap and cheerful peach melba Natural Collection blush, I recently bought this because I'm not really a blush kinda gal, I own like 3, but this is gorgeous!  Definitely worth trying if you have quite pale skin, it's just a hint of matte colour.


Too many!!  The clothes are the best part about Autumn!  Oversized jumpers, blanket scarves, ankle boots, leather jackets!  It's such a hard choice.  I think with the transition from Summer to Autumn, I would say leather jackets are the most suibtable, then late Autumn-early Winter is where you really start with those layers. Amazing.  I got this leather jacket from New Look in the Spring and I think it cost £40.00 before student discount.


OBVIOUSLY HOCUS POCUS.  I can finally watch it without being judged because it's not the "right time of year" - famous words from my dad.  I think just having grown up watching this film, dressing like Sarah every single Halloween and pretending to do magic spells just makes it really sentimental.  I can't fault it at all, it's brilliant.  I also remember watching the film The Witches when I was younger and it scared me so much!  I haven't watched it since I was about 10 so I've just ordered it on Amazon for less than £2.00!  Bargain.

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Okay I don't know what to say for this one because I can't think of a show which is only out during this season?!  After a long think, I have to say The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes.  I love Halloween and love The Simpsons, so combined is just the best.  Again, I grew up watching these so they bring back a lot of memories.  I loved the one where Homer traded his soul to the devil to have a doughnut for a head, haha!

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Being as I'm not American, I couldn't say what my favourite Thanksgiving food is because unfortunately, I've never experienced it.  But I had a look on Pinterest at some photos and my God, why don't I live in America?!?  Here in the UK, we have a traditional Christmas dinner which is quite similar but I wish we could justify having two of them a year.  The different types of mashed potato is probably what I want to eat the most.

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I love Halloween, and have previously dressed up as so many different things from a cat (adventerous) to the dead Spice Girls in my first year at uni with my flatmates - I was a broken/killer doll version of baby spice.  This year I really want to explore make up and try different looks, especially a mermaid, I think that it would be so much fun!!  So at the minute, a mermaid is definitely up there.

So those are my answers to Jaclyn's fall tag! I'm going to tag other bloggers to take part in it, and then tag more bloggers to get more Autumnal posts out there!!

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