Tuesday, 29 September 2015

DYING MY OWN HAIR | product review

L'oréal Paris Préférence dye & highlighting

My natural hair colour is an ash blonde but I've had lighter blonde hair for the past couple of years - as well as red, brown and pink! - so when my roots come through, it's so noticeable because they are so dark in comparison.  I've only ever been to the hairdressers once which was a few months ago but it cost me £70.00, my hair wasn't cut how I asked and the darker blonde faded after a couple of washes so I was not happy!  I had highlights put in which you can still faintly see and I loved them, so I decided to pick up some hair dyes and do it myself.
I bought the L'oreal Paris Preference dye in 7.3 Florida \ Honey Blonde.  On the box it looks like this gorgeous caramel colour which is what I have always wanted my hair to look like!  I was planning on doing highlights the proper way with foils but I saw the Glam Highlights in no.1 the lightest colour, and thought that would be so much easier.
The ends of my hair and dry and brittle and my scalp is oily so washing my hair can be such a challenge.  I use deep conditioning hair masks at least twice a week and I'm really specific with shampoos and conditioners.  After I dyed my hair this time around, I snipped the ends to give my hair quite a choppy look and make it look thicker because it's super thin.

The above photo is the "before".  You can see how dark my roots are!  The ends of my hair are all over the place - they're all different lengths and are so many split ends.  This dye and cut has been long awaited!!

The below photo is the finished look!  I dyed my hair all over using the Honey Blonde dye, and used the highlighter dye the next day before finally cutting the horrible ends off.

The highlighting kit was really easy to use.  Although I do think I should have got the no.2 colour because my hair looks so similar to how it already was - more of a coppery, strawberry blonde colour but still quite similar.  I clipped the top sections of my hair up and started highlighting the underneath and focused more on the ends because I wanted a slight ombre effect which looked natural.  I then unclipped the hair and lightly layered highlights again putting more bleach on the ends.  This took me about 20 minutes and I left the bleach on for half an hour; if I had left it on for around 15-20 minutes then my hair wouldn't be as blonde so if you only want a few lighter tones then I would use a less strong bleach or just don't leave it on as long.

When my hair is still a little damp after being quickly towel dried, I have to use the Garnier Ultimate Blends sleek perfector oil else my ends are soooo dry!  I also use the Vo5 salt spray which gives my hair loads of volume an texture - perfect if you have thin hair.  I bought the 2 dyes as part of the 3 for 2 offer on hair products at Boots, the third product being the Toni & Guy reconstruction mask which I used after highlighting my hair to give it a huge conditioning; I left it on for 10-15 minutes and it made my hair really soft and felt suprisingly healthy after having bleach on it.

Overall I think that these dyes were really good and better than expected!  The honey blonde was a sort of oily consistency so didn't dry my hair out and I loved the colour it turned my hair!!  I think I will definitely use this dye again and keep my hair this colour, maybe in a couple of weeks.  The highlighting dye was also fabulous - easy to use by yourself and I like the tone of it, I think my hair went this sort of colour because the honey blonde made my hair quite dark, and obviously putting bleach on dark hair leaves you with a sort of golden tinge, but that's okay.  Much better than spending almost £100 on going to the hairdressers!

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