Thursday, 1 October 2015


In September, I have been loving and been obsessed with loads of different things, from candle burning to binge watching box sets.  I love that the cold air is finally here and the jumpers and ankle boots can start making an appearance after a long, dismal British summer.


H&M green jumper
I instantly fell in love with the colour of this jumper!  I thought it was really Autumnal, and I don't own anything this colour.  I got it in the biggest size possible because it's quite short/cropped and I'm not about that for the colder months.  It's fine with high waisted jeans but definitely not to be worn with leggings.
Topshop ripped knee blue Leigh skinny jeans
I've had these jeans for a while, and I got them in the sale for £25.00!  I didn't wear them much in the Summer so dug them out of my drawers a few weeks ago and have got so much wear out of them.  They go with tops, jumpers, boots, dolly shoes - pretty much anything!


Soap & Glory satin lipstick
I've got a lot of the matte finish Soap & Glory lipsticks so thought I would try out a satin finish.  I picked up the shade perfect day from Boots and I'm so happy with it.  It goes with a lot of eye shadow looks so it's really versatile, and makes my lips feel quite moisturised.
MAC faux
Another satin finish lipstick I wanted to try - I'm a massive nude lipstick fan and usually just wear matte shades because glossy ones are definitely not for me, but I have really been loving these satin finish lipsticks.  They don't stick to the lips as much which can be really annoying and drying with the matte finishes.

Alien perfume
My boyfriend got me this for our anniversary and it's so gorgeous!!  I've seen a lot of people go on about this for the past year or so but had never even smelled it.  I can't explain smells, it just smells really feminine and beautiful.  I have Chanel perfumes on my Christmas wishlist!

I went to watch this at the cinema the day it came out and it's so good!!  I absolutely love Tom Hardy, since I saw him play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, I think his acting game has risen massively.  I can't fault him at all - he plays both Kray twins, infamous British gangsters from the 1920s.  I won't say much but if you like violent gangster films then this is for you.  There's a bit of comedy now and again delivered by Hardy which makes it even better.

Gossip Girl
I've just finished watching this for I think, the fourth time.  I love it!  If you've not seen it, it's on Netflix and just get past the first few awfully cringey typical high school episodes, you will fall in love.  I've always wanted to go to New York City but now I want to more than ever!  I want to go to the Upper East Side and pretend to be Serena.

 Source: Instagram

Lower Than Atlantis - Get Over It
One of my favourite bands released a new single earlier this month and I've not stopped listening to it!!  I'm going to see them in December, and saw them a few months ago at Slam Dunk and actually met Mike Duce!!!!  Fan girl.  If you're a fan of bands like Mallory Knox and Don Broco then you will be a fan of LTA!  Give the song a listen on Spotify.


Yankee candle melts
I am a massive candle burner and recently got one of those tealight-melt-burner things and it's probably been my favourite purchase this month!  I went to this cute little home decor shop and picked up a couple of Yankee candle melts, my favourites being the 3 pictured; Fireside Treats, Midsummers Night and Honey Glow.  They're all quite Autumnal scents and being Yankee candle, all incredibly strong.

Orange Lindor
A lot of stores have started selling Christmas stuff - madness! - and I saw in Asda, they had a tonne of Christmas chocolates.  Josh went mental over the Lindtt Lindors because he loves white chocolate, they were selling them 3 boxes for £10.00 so bought the milk chocolate, white chocolate and my all time favourite, orange chocolate.  I ate this box over the course of about a week because they are really sickly so just had a few every now and again, and also gave my sister some.  Lindors are so amazing!!  I'd never seen the orange ones before so was really excited because it's my favourite chocolate, and they really are incredible.

So that is my monthly favourites for this month!  What have you guys been loving??

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