Thursday, 8 October 2015

LIFE UPDATE | I've become a latte addict

I have been sooo busy since I've been back at uni, I've not even had time to think about writing a new blog post!  I thought I would just share with you what I've been up to this past week - I commute to university four days a week, have work placement once a week and go to work at the weekends so I am the busiest bee around.

First day back was absolutely horrendous!  I felt so ill and was so tired because I've not been doing this for around five months.  The day seemed to drag and I almost fell to sleep on the train home in the evening but luckily I didn't, if I had then I would have ended up in Crewe!  So the next day, I was determined to not feel that ill again.  I got more sleep and ate breakfast before I left for the train, and once I got into Leicester, I went to Starbucks and bought my first ever caramel latte - something I never thought I would be doing.  I hate regular coffee, just the smell is enough to make me coil, but this caramel latte was really sweet and nothing like a boring, disgusting decaf.  I decided to get a Subway for lunch - I was treating myself Tuesday - and oh lord is was beautiful.  The coffee woke me up and the sandwich just topped it all off.  By Wednesday, I started to plan more of what I wanted to do this year on the course and with my work.  In the late afternoon, I went to a meeting about an upcoming trip to New York which is heavily funded by something called DMUglobal and my university, meaning that the six day trip only costs £220 for students!!!  You have to apply for this bursary so I put the application through when I got home and I'm so desperate to go; out of all the places I want to visit, New York City is in the top 3 so for such a bargain, I don't want to miss out even if none of my friends go.

On Thursday, I started my work placement at my old sixth form.  It was so weird walking down towards it, it felt like I had never left, but it felt so different inside.  I had a warm welcome from my old art teacher who had agreed I could do the placement; we are planning for me to do some one-on-one sessions with some students, as well as organising some workshops for me to do with some classes so I'm really excited for that because I want to go into teaching after university.

I am meeting a new tutor tomorrow so will probably have a tutorial - luckily, it doesn't start until 1pm so I don't have to wake up until 9am!!! I'm so happy because I have to usually wake up between 6 and 7 in the morning which is so painful because I love being lazy in bed.  I'll be working both Saturday and Sunday, then back into 6am wake ups next week.  I am already counting down the days to the Christmas break - three weeks of no alarms!  It's going to be an absolutely hectic year but I'm looking forward to the degree show and finally finishing university feeling satisfied.

I will try to do some some beauty related posts over the weekend and will generally try to fit some posts in more often but I can't promise anything while I'm this busy with university.  I've got a collective Autumn haul coming soon so look out for that!

Thanks for reading!

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