Thursday, 22 October 2015

LIFE UPDATE | passing my driving test & art overload

I've decided to start doing a couple of chatty posts throughout the months that I'm really busy just because I like to read them, and also like to let you know that I am still wanting to blog but I just don't have the time to do everything behind a new blog post!
So this past week has been quite hectic, I finally passed my driving test!!! So I've been driving around like a mad woman, making too many trips to the drive thru McDonald's which isn't good for my bank account or my hips.  I've also finally started to make new work at uni so that's what's kept me really busy.

I usually get the train into Leicester because obviously, I couldn't drive my car before and it was always such a pain in the arse because it takes so long and the trains are always delayed.  One day last week when I got the train, the man came around checking tickets and I wasn't really paying attention until I looked up and saw this exquisit human who looked the spitting image of bearded Tom Hardy.  Amazing.  So that was probably one of the highlights of my week.


As soon as I passed my driving test, I went straight to my friend Monique's house to pick her up, then drove around doing pointless things all day and it was so much fun.  BUT the first time I went on the dual carriageway, one lane was closed and a huge lorry almost crashed into me because he wasn't slowing down to let us merge on - which he should have been doing with the lane being closed.  I've encountered a lot of arseholes already but it's so fabulous being able to drive on my own!!  Everyone always said it would be brilliant and give me so much more independence and now, I completely understand what they meant.  If you're thinking about learning, or are learning, then I can confirm that it is the best and worth having to deal with the arrogance of other drivers (sometimes).

I have been really ill this last week suffering with the most disgusting man flu and it has gotten the better of me some days which makes me feel really shitty because I'm trying to be the most productive person going.  I had a sunday off work which meant serious Sims 4 binge and too many sweets any person should consume.  I also took my sister, Jorja, to the cinema one friday night to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 and I thought it was hilarious!! The only downside was that it's a Sony film, and they constantly showcase their products, all the characters had Sony smartphones and computers, at times it felt like one long advert for the phone!  But it was a good film.  I do wish I had more time for myself to be able to take my dog for long walks, cook proper meals and spend quality time with everyone.  I can't wait to finish uni next Summer but for now, I will look forward to Christmas and having three weeks off of doing absolutely nothing.  What a life that would be.  If only I didn't have to work extra shifts at work and write up a complicated essay for the arrival of second term.

I will be doing a collective haul in the next couple of days so look out for that, especially if you're on the hunt for anything rust and majorly Autumnal.

Thanks for reading :-)

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