Tuesday, 10 November 2015

REVIEW | PetShop.co.uk dog treats

This post is really different to what I would usually blog about but I was lucky enough to be sent a package of goodies for my pooch from the PetShop.co.uk!  They asked me what sort of food my dog eats, if she has any dietary needs or allergies so they knew exactly what she would like/what she would enjoy eating.  The package came one day after I was told that it had been dispatched so they are super quick with delivery which is an added bonus to the great products and prices.

This is my dog Poppy, she's a 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross breed.  We got her from a dogs home in Birmingham about 16 months ago and she's such a gem.  She's always happy and wants to play constantly, whenever I take her out for walks and she see's another dog, she acts like she's never seen another dog before!  It's quite sad because some snobby people give me some awful looks because of her breed but she would never hurt a fly and just wants to make friends.  My older sister has a jack russell who is obviously just a fraction of Poppy's size but they're best friends and love playing together, getting on everyone's nerves.

I got sent a huge bag of Huntland grain free biscuits which are turkey, veg and cranberry flavoured which I've been giving to Poppy for her lunch as well as a couple every now and again as a treat and she really loved them!  Biscuits are one of her favourites in general but she really gets through these so quickly, so thankfully we have the huge bag!  Huntland make some really great biscuits, using only natural, grain free ingredients, like the ones we have which are mainly turkey, peas, sweet potato and cranberry - they even smell nice!
Poppy especially loves chewing on dentasticks so I was really pleasantly surprised to find two 7 packs of Pedigree ones in our parcel.  They are the fresh flavour so leave her breath minty fresh, she's had these before and I think that the Pedigree ones are some of the best, it takes her a while to get through them sometimes and I find that with some cheaper brands, she can chew them in seconds.  I think that Dentastix are a daily essential in a dog's diet to help reduce build up of tartar and plaque which can lead to gum disease!  So these are really important for their oral health, especially if your dog doesn't like to have their teeth brushed like mine.
Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of the next product because Poppy ate them and the packaging got thrown out before I had chance.  But anway, the final thing we got sent was 2 packs of wet Almo Nature dog food which came in cartons which I thought was really different and quirky.  Poppy absolutely wolfed down this food and it did look really good (for dog food), it was full of vegetables so you could tell it was made up of natural ingredients like the brand claims.

If you have a pet then I would definitely recommend having a look on this website as they cater to every pet's needs and have a lot of good, healthy treats which are necessary for their diets.  I will 100% be buying treats for my dog from here, the prices are all really affordable for what you get, the website even offers breakdowns of what it costs to feed your dog daily and annually if you were to buy the product to show you just how cost effective the products are.
I know this post was very different to what I would usually post about but I thought I would share with you all of the great products especially since Poppy loved them all so much!

Thanks for reading!

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