Tuesday, 10 November 2015


With October being one of my favourite months of the year, I've got lots of Autumnal favourites so I hope you enjoy reading about them!  I've been really busy this past month, I have next to no time to myself so I've been enjoying even the smallest of things this month which takes my mind off of all the uni work I'm doing.  Sorry this post is a little late, I've not had time to even think about blogging.


Primark £12.00
At the start of the month, I found this bargain in Primark and thought it looked like it should be from somewhere like Miss Selfridge or even Topshop.  I love the colour and the tie up on the front - I think it's meant to be a shirt but I bought it a bit big to wear it as a dress, I still wear it with a black mini tube skirt and tights because it's not really long. 

Photo from Topshop
 Topshop £22.50
I saw this and instantly thought of Gossip Girl so I obviously had to buy it.  The outside is fleece lined and the inside is like a cotton material, like the usual sweatshirt would be on the outside.  It's really soft, kind of oversized but also kind of cropped, it goes with a lot of outfits so can be worn for pretty much any occassion.


MAC retro £15.50
A couple of years ago, I was all about red lipstick, but recently I've only really been a fan of nudes and pinks but after I bought Chili by MAC, I fell in love again.  So, I decided to start re-building a collection of reds, and I love this colour!!  It's a lot darker than Chili and much more red, the satin finish also leaves my lips quite moistured.  It goes great with the next product too.

MAC coppering £10.00 (duty free)
I LOVE THIS EYE SHADOW it makes the green in my eyes seem so much stronger (I also think it would be beautiful with brown eyes).  It's so pigmented and sparkly, you can pair it with browns, golds, silvers and obviously oranges/reds.  Just an all round gorgeous colour, I definitely won't just be wearing it for the season, it's one for the whole year.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder £11.00  
I've had this for a while, I think it was one of the many Soap & Glory gifts I got one Christmas.  I never paid much attention to it after using it a few times because I just can't be bothered with make up products that are in a huge palette but now it's become a daily essential in my make up.  It consists of the Love at First Blush, Glow All Day highlighter and Solar Powder bronzer - all of which are shimmery and beautiful.  I use the bronzer every day and the highliter is a lot softer and muted in comparison to my MUA one so is a lot better for the months of the year when the sun isn't so bright.  However, I don't use the blush because it is so shimmery, and I just prefer matte ones. 


 Cinema trips - Paranormal Activity & Hotel Transylvania

I've been to the cinema, as usual, and went to see Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and took Jorja to see Hotel Transylvania 2 which were both pretty decent.  Paranormal Activity had the usual jump scares and a creepy little girl, but the whole spirit thing was a lot different to any of the previous films and I think, to any sort of demon horror film I've seen.  I don't want to give anything away, it was just weird and didn't really make much sense, it just made it really unbelievable and kind of ruined the film.  HT2 was funny, there were a lot of jokes in there for the adults who were dragged to see the film and Jorja seemed to enjoy it so is a good watch for children.  The best part about both films was obviously the nachos and Tango ice blast.

As for TV, I haven't watched much over the course of the month but the other night, I caught up on the new American Horror Story: Hotel series and it's really good so far!  I loved the first three seasons but only watched half of the Freakshow series because I just couldn't be bothered, but now that it's on Netflix, I will try to catch up on that too.  I've been keeping up with the X Factor too which I never usually do, but I love a lot of the people in the competition this year!


Caramel lattes from Starbucks



I passed my driving test at the start of October which you may already know because it's all I ever seem to be talking about lately, but I've been driving around quite a bit and I've had so much fun!  It feels good to know that I can just get in my car and go wherever I want - there are so many road trips planned already for next year.  I've also previously mentioned my new found love for caramel lattes, the Starbucks ones are the ones I always get because we have one on campus at uni, but I recently had my first Costa one and I've got to say, the Costa ones are better! They're so much creamier and not as strong coffee tasting.  And finally, Halloween.  I didn't do much, just took Jorja trick or treating and into a party for a bit, but I just love the things you do beforehand like carve pumpkins, watch classic Halloween and scary films, and bake treats!
October flew by so quickly, and I'm sure November will too because I have so much to do with uni work and Christmas shopping that the time seems to go a lot faster and I get less done!  I'm so excited for Christmas, to treat my sisters, decorate the tree and obviously, Christmas dinner.  Ten days into November and I've already been obsessing over things which I'm sure will be mentioned in the next monthly favourites, as well as the release of Mockingjay part 2!!

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