Thursday, 19 November 2015


I thought I would share with you a load of different things I am pining over for Christmas this year.  I'm not materialistic or anything, I just think that all of these products are lovely and if anyone wants to get me any then be my guest.  I will gladly get them for myself after Christmas if my family and friends don't love me enough.
Image source: Pinterest

 First up is this really cute pinafore dress from Topshop which I have wanted for ages.  I think it's suibtable for the whole year and would look so cute with long sleeve, stripey tops and jumpers underneath, with tights and ankle boots!  This dress costs £39.00.
Image source: Topshop

There has been so many times where I've almost bought one of these fragrences, especially when in duty free in the airport.  I love all of the Chanel fragrences so any would do me to be honest haha, they're all so elegant and delicate, and I think owning one would make me feel like a sophisticated grown up.  The Chance fragrence is one of my favourites :-) this 100ml bottle costs £79.00 from Boots.
Image source: Boots

I have always liked taking photos but I've never been privelaged enough to own my own SLR camera, and I think that this is something I want the most.  The quality of the photos that you can take on some cameras is unbelievable, I will probably end up buying one for myself before Christmas as a present to myself because I want to take loads of photos towards Christmas, on Christmas day etc.  I need one for uni too, and for the New York trip!  I found this Nikon in the clearance sale on Currys for only £269!
Image source: Currys

I'm all about warm eyeshadows from oranges to pinks and when I had seen someone on Instagram had bought one of these, I fell in love.  I had never heard of this make up brand but it must be popular because they're all out of stock!  For £25.00, you can't go wrong.  I did want a Naked palette but I'm not really a fan of any of the colours, I love oranges, purples, pinks and browns.
Image source: Cultbeauty

 I was browsing the TATE website for some uni work and thought I would look on the online shop - something I've never done - and what a mistake it was, I could just throw my money at them and get everything on there.  Here are some of my favourite products:

Ella Doran pop marble mug £10.00
Image source: TATE
Ella Doran pop marble notebook £10.00
Image source: TATE
 Damien Hurst doorways bag £10.00
Image source: TATE

 Patrick Heron 'Azalea Garden' print (100x75cm) £50.00

Image source: TATE

I really want to get some new charms for my Pandora braclet - I don't think I could be someone who fills it to the point of it looking like it's going to snap but I only have 2 at the minute so I could definitely do with some more pretty ones.

Dragonfly meadow openwork charm £55.00
Image source: Pandora
Darling daisy meadow clip £45.00
Image source: Pandora

And finally, I am in desperate need of a new dressing gown!  I want a fluffy one, and I love the look of this grey and white one from New Look for just £24.99.  I would also need matching slippers, just saying.
Image source: New Look

I really love Christmas; decorating the tree/house, giving people gifts and especially the food.  I can't wait for December 1st to put the tree up!!
What are you wanting for Christmas this year?

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